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Tuesday, January 20, 2015
in an attempt to revive this space

happy happy new yr!! :DDD jus realised i've neglected this place for over a yr! and so, 2014 has went past jus like tt. it wasn't exactly a smooth year for me, particularly my career; but i mus say, i hv learnt and grew from e challenges as i went through countless rounds of reflection. ppl hv been questioning my choice, to e point i started to doubt myself. i questioned if i hv made e right move, even till date - i eventually concluded tt, i would hv made e same decision irregardless. on a lighter note, 2014 saw me gg on a road trip with my fav ppl to e beautiful nz. we get to experience summer this time round, though weather could be pretty chilly on some days, at higher altitudes (hooker valley was e killer). wonderful memories of yummy food, lovely hotels, breathtaking sceneries and awesome company! travelling has got to be my favouritest past-time; i constantly find myself planning and sourcing for the next destination to explore! fast forward to the present, we collected our hse keys tdy! looking fwd to checking out our cozy nest tmr! gonna scruntinize the unit and look out for defects, which i trust momo will do a much better job than me :D he has been a really great support lately, as we work on e adult stuffs. reno, solemnization, banquet etc.. thanks for working hard o! appreciate ur effort! bobo!! (: i promise to work hard and settle down soon momo! and i hope hsbc can come back to u w a decent offer! lets work twds a ym future tgt bing bing mo!! :DDD

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Sunday, May 12, 2013
i hate ns! :(

time flies, its coming to mid yr alr! momo jus came back from ict, and im super excited to see him! poor momo who came back full of injuries :/ army hasn't been v kind to him, e mozzies and weather too :( but at least he's out, free from all these nonsense for e time being!

and so, we went to catch a movie tdy bcos e nub claimed tt he has been away from civilization for too long, and he hasn't watched a movie for quite awhile.. as much as i wish to refute, we appeared at e theatre e v next moment queuing for tix alr =.= i no longer hv much say nw, hais. life has been hard on me T_T

e movie was a crappy one, but momo seemed to enjoy it -.- ns has probably killed his brain cells. haha! but its good to see tt he had enjoyed e show.. afterall, he has been through so much crap last wk, its time he deserves some treats!

momo has been super hyper and adorable tdy! totally enjoyed his company! it definitely beats e stoned and aged man i saw ytd.. haha! thanks for meeting me dearie!! i hope ur pimples and orh bak kak will be gone soon! am so glad ure back! love u lots!! muacks!! :DDD

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Monday, April 22, 2013
its time u blog nubity!

spend this time to blog instead! *stares*

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Saturday, January 05, 2013
a brand new beginning!


its 2013 alr! and this blog shall be one of my new yr resolutions! tt explains my rare appearance here ya! haha! memories are created by ourselves! and i wan this lil corner to be somewhr which i can look back and reminisce on e good ole days, sometime down e road next time.

2012 has been an eventful yr, lotsa things hv happened; both gd and bad:-
we gt our new hse, momo changed a new workplace, furthered my korean, company gt acquired and restructured, took over my mentor's plate, grandpa left us, attempted forex for e v first time, tons of interviews, bkk trip w colleagues coupled w some short getaways to e neighbouring countries, and finally, i ended my last day of 2012 biding gdbyes to my dearest colleagues in tnt.

there were indeed quite a nbr of challenges faced, and i mus say, I've learnt and grown quite a bit from them. experienced many first times, encountered lotsa difficulties and conquered multiple challenges.

im gonna learn to be happy and appreciative in this new year, and probably cut down on poking my darling momo. lets be more adventurous and try out more new things tgt ok! shuffle was awesome! many more to come ya! afterall, we only get to live once. lets make e best out of it!! :DDD

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Friday, March 30, 2012
backtrack: vday celebration! :D

here to update a long overdued entry which i haven gt e time to post:-

i had an awesome vday celebration last nite. decided to pen it down, bcos i had a hard time trying to recall wad we did e previous few vdays back.

this yr was a special one for me and momo. if my memory doesnt fail me, we had spent bulk of our vdays w e other two gooseberries, and it felt more like a friendship day to me instead. no doubt e company was great, had good laughs and all, but it nv felt like a vday to me. and this time round, i finally get to experience e kinda vday normal couples spend! a v diff yet sweet feeling altogether.

momo had msg-ed me e day before, promising tt he will meet me for vday dinner. it mite sound ridiculous, but i felt really loved by his gestures. it's e first time he initiated a meeting w/o me bugging or dropping hints. momo is nv e kind who gets hyped over vday, so it came as a surprise tt he's taking e lead this time round.

what went on to amaze me was his creativity this time round. knowing him for 5 yrs and counting, he became really predictable to me. how we celebrate special occasions always revolve around catching a movie, singing a song, gg to pizza or ramen, and tt's pretty much it. yet this vday, those nv happened. momo had suggested we go try out bliss, which we nv had e chance to. sounds really fresh to me, but e restaurant had to close down. one rochester was then raised, and i couldnt help but woahh. its nv sth momo will ever wanna try. back then when i suggested dempsey and one rochester, he's always saying tt they are places for drinking, nt whr we shld be. and then of cos, he will start to add "i dun mind.." and things like that, but u jus knew he aint thrilled nor excited, nth like how we felt. and when momo actually called to make reservations, i was pretty touched by his initiative. guess im a lil too easy to please?

one rochester was fully booked and momo consulted his colleagues on e good restaurants available. i met him at east coast, we had a candle on our table, and we had our dinner in e dark. e ambience was good, e feeling was nice, and e company was great! e food took quite awhile to come, so long tt momo almost finished his mug even before e food came. other than tt, i had absolutely no complains. we went off to take a stroll at e beach, and momo suggested we go fly kong ming lanterns upon spotting some couples playing w it. couldnt find any stalls tt sell, and we settled for watching others play instead. realised tt it aint as easy as it seems thou :/

im looking fwd to our kong meng lantern outing! momo shall be e one setting up e fire and all, and i'll be standing by u, and support u silently. i dun mind adding a few screams here and thr too *winkk*

thank you momo for e wonderful event planned. i had enjoyed ur company thoroughly, and this has gotta be one of e most memorable vdays ever! :DDD


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Saturday, January 28, 2012
happy dragon yr!! :DDD

happy cny!! its e first day of e dragon yr tdy! time really flies. i was jus doing spring cleaning e other day, and i found some red packets w really cute dragon cartoons on it, lying in my cupboard. so tt indicates one complete cycle since e last time i collected those angbaos, in other words, 12 yrs hv past. while we tend to look back at e things we hv gone thru in e past, i think its impt we look into e future as well. e goals and targets tt we've set to achieve, and e upcoming milestones tt we wish to conquer.

me and momo will be gg down to choose e unit for our future home next mon. it has been a thrilling experience thus far, w all e balloting, registering and anticipation. i've been enjoying every bit of e selection process. e discussion, e fengshui consultation, and even e informing of parents, it makes me feel like im engaged in some impt task, one tt concerns our future. im especially thrilled jus thinking of our future home, e idea of living w momo hubby! am sooooo looking fwd to it! :D

having said tt, it seems like our desired block is a popular choice among e other candidates. quite a nbr of e higher units hv alr been taken up :( lets jus hope thr will still be some gd units available for us, when our turn comes.

on tt note, lets hope this upcoming new yr is a great one for us all! may it be filled w abundance of goodness and happiness!! happy new yr!!! :DD

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Saturday, December 24, 2011
hohoho!! :DDD

merry xmas momo!! im so looking forward to our party tmr! seriously think that party-ing at momo's hse makes e best option ever! i don't find myself basked in e festive mood as much as i did this time round. e xmas shopping w momo, grocery shopping w e shareholders to get e party stuff, and e wrapping of gifts. im sooooo loving it! sense tmr will turn out really great! momo has prepared door gifts for us, and promised to play xmas songs too! wahhahahaha! what a great host he makes! :DDD

this is the 5th xmas we celebrate together! looking back, we've indeed come a long way. from knowing each other after "A" levels, doing vacation jobs while waiting for uni to start, taking the same courses in uni, stepping into e workforce tgt, to getting our own flat! omggg! thinking of all these, nv fail to amaze me. thanks for going through the various phases of life with me, words can never express my gratitude to u momo dear.

im really glad that you are moving on to e premier side, a great leap from what u are doing currently. and i must say, u made me damn proud of u. two career advancements within a short span of a yr plus, is truly incredible. just like how melanie amaro impacted paula, you inspires me momo. i'll strive to be meng, so that we can be a ym duo like the other directors! (:

thank you momo, my bf cum best fren.
love ya lots!! :DD

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Monday, September 26, 2011
random updates

i didn't go to work today, went to the doc instead. but i'm feeling super good despite the runny nose. looking at the old photos and momo's past blog entries brought back plenty of sweet and happy moments. i felt like i'm the happiest girl around!

i fathom it is very much important to take a short break, amidst the hectic work schedule; to slow down your pace and reminisce upon the good ole times. i ever chanced upon this quote from a friend, "we did not lose our memories as we age, we merely forgot to create them." meaningful much. as we strive for our aspirations and pursue for greater success, we should never lose ourselves in the midst of finding our true selfs.

looking back, momo and i have indeed come a long way. from him, i learnt many life philosophies [well, that's what you can expect coming from an old man]. in him, i found security and optimism. with him, i discovered the kinda happiness that i never had before.

thank you silly for your patience with me, for never getting mad at me even with my constant pokes, and for loving me so infinitely. four years aint exactly a short period; we have been through quite a series of events together, and i must say, the journey was made so much more peaceful and calm because of you.

that being said, there are still numerous challenges ahead of us, and i want you to conquer them with me! let's jiayous together momo! for a better future!!
and that would also means, quitting hsbc! :DDD


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Tuesday, July 26, 2011
my dearest.

it always feels great to have your friends affirming your boyfriend, not just on him being a good man, but more so of how he really dotes on you. i have been with momo for four years and counting, and i must say, it wasn't exactly smooth-sailing (not that it's of tides and waves either). my peers didn't thought much of me and momo initially, since we're two individuals living in completely different worlds. i'm thankful to have our paths crossed, to met each other, and to embark on a journey together. further, i'm glad that my friends have came to accept momo for who he is, and even appreciates him for his character.

nowadays, whenever i talk to my friends about my dearest hubby, [be it the "momo" to kj, chua etc, or the "buddy" to jeremy and des], they would see him as someone who loves and cares for me, with his all. i'm not the kind who goes around flaunting to my friends on how i'm happily in love etc, so it could only be that they have seen for themselves to be able to pass that kind of judgment.

and it's true! this nub might seem like a block of wood initially, dull and boring to be with. but as you get to know him better, he can be really cock and entertaining. in fact, he's the only one who can make me smile when i'm feeling moody, and he's the one whom i would wanna see when i'm down. not just on the entertainment value, his sincere personality was what touched and bought me. i admired his helpful character, and i especially adore how he will go all out to help his friends when they are in need. he may not have many friends, but i dare say, my darling momo makes one of the best friends ever around. a listening ear coupled with good advices, a helpful self with a go-all-out kinda attitude, an honest bing who speaks his mind; thanks for being the best bf, buddy, brother, mentor and playmate around!

you have been wise momo. keep up with your good work and i shall work hard to fulfill my dream too- a dream with you in it (:

my greatest wish: if ever there comes a day when my daughter asks me who my first love was, i wish that i could point to the room door and tell her "there he is" ((:

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Sunday, June 12, 2011
happy 51st! :D

okay, before i forget and goes on to procrastinate, i figured that i should quickly pen down my wonderful momo outing. my memory is seriously failing :(

so here goes:-

last sunday was our 51st momoday, and it was a gloomy day for celebration. it was raining hippos and dinosaurs, but we decided to act on our plan nonetheless. had wanted to try out a particular restaurant near laselle, only to realise that it was closed on sundays. we took 147 anyhows, and headed to shaw tower.

jk don- the food was good, and i like e ambience there too. not that it was anywhere near atas, but i really loved the quiet environment! momo seemed to be in love with japanese curry, and highly addicted to it. he orders it almost everytime we visit a japanese restaurant. haha! silly momo. good thing the curry turned out nice that day, since momo has been deprived of good sweet curry lately. or at least that's what he claims.

tom's palette- brought momo to this ice cream place which des has introduced me previously. shared a small cup of ice cream, with 2 flavours- granny's favourite and oreo cheesecake. it was yums! and granny's favourite was really good, keeps you craving for more. momo prefers ben n jerrys though. maybe we'll go have that on our next outing/ celebration ya!

starbucks- i really love this quiet corner! it was a great cozy spot to be in, especially when you have warm mocha, brownie and momo's company!! played a few rounds of monopoly deal, but i guess i was too easy an opponent that momo got bored after a mere few rounds. never had this kinda problem when playing with aunty, dear or even my ex-colleagues. this nub really has super short attention span. he rather spend his time staring at his iphone, playing with his own games :( so the whole time, i kept myself entertained with the origami papers i brought. at least momo is kinda helpful when i'm stuck with the difficult instructions. completed quite a few products with momo's help.

dim sum- momo suggested going to this famous dim sum place his boss brought him to earlier on. and so, we took a bus and alighted few stops after. the shop looked really rundown, and it's amazing how a place so insignificant can attract so many patrons. the reason was evident, when the food was served. super nice dim sum at uber affordable price! and momo was being really sweet here, helping me with the wings and serving me the toad flesh, while he chewed on the bones. thank you nub nub! i felt uber loved! heehee! :D

all in all, it was an outing i really enjoyed. the quiet corner, the good food, the exciting adventures and the best company! ((:

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